CATS Contingency Aircraft Takeover System

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About the product:

CATS provides governance stakeholders with the infrastructure to securely coordinate and marshal airborne flights, in case of hijacking, incapacitated aircrew and major deviation from planned route.

Transport ministries, ANSPs and Airlines can now securely coordinate the fate of airborne aircraft in extreme situations, where action is required to save lives.

CATS activates the aircraft's autopilot and disables in-cockpit human override until permission is given. Once activated, a flight plan is coordinated and uploaded for execution.

If severe conditions are rectified, autopilot can be unlocked and allow capable aircrew to continue flying the aircraft as they see fit.

Unique from other solutions, there are no onboard human dependencies, where governance solutions can be applied.

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Operational Benefits and Features

  • • Jointly coordinate and marshal flights based on governance
  • • Independent from air force, can be marshalled immediately without having to wait till air force arrives at aircraft location
  • • Redirect flights based on collaborative stakeholders agreements
  • • Secure in multiple strategic locations, without possible misuse by terrorists or hackers
  • • Realtime Dynamic encryption over secured communications, making tampering impossible.


  • • SWIM Compliant using AIXM, FIXM, WXXM for interoperability and adherence to AIRM. Registered within SESAR SWIM registry.



  • • Realtime support through IATAS Int'l Operations Center (IOC)
  • • Phone, video conferencing and remote desktop support Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00 UTC

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