SDB Shared Database (SWIM service)

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About the product:

SDB provides software vendors an easy to use SQL-like infrastructure to store and retrieve data, with the ability to publish to subscribers.

By default, any changes to the data archive precious data, allowing data mining and rollback Simple calls to store data, automatically trigger publishing to your subscribers.

SDB is the backbone for the Global ACDM Gateway.

Operational Benefits and Features (partial list)

  • • Start using the service in minutes! no special interface knowledge needed,
  • • Data stored in any SWIM compatible format (AIXM, FIXM, WXXM)
  • • No need to create tables, the XM is the structure.
  • • No synchronising overhead, data with other systems, SDB does all the work
  • • No database maintenance overhead
  • • Large storage and long-term retention available on request
  • • No need to time updates with other software, each vendor updates on their own
  • • Simple to manage subscribers and other publishers
  • • No database administration or datacentre overheads


  • • SWIM Compliant. Registered within SESAR SWIM registry.



  • • Phone, video conferencing and remote desktop support Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00 UTC

Ordering and Supply

  • • Use credentials are supplied within 3 business days after service definition

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