ARTSYS Aerodrome Remote Tower System

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About the product:

ARTSYS is a subset of IATAS's flagship AAATCS product for relentless ATM efficiency, capacity and safety at lowest possible cost. A product backed by a filled patent application of cutting-edge technologies, delivering next-generation solutions for ANSPs authorities and airports, to manage busy airside environments.

A highly modular and configurable system, as a controller tool, semi-automated solution, or, as a fully automated Tower ATC control system, enabling ANSPs, authorities and airports to drastically lower ATM related costs, while providing highest possible safety, capacity, runway throughput with maximised safety, without the worries of ATC or pilot induced runway incursions or excursions.

The system supports aircrafts with CPDLC and IATAS's Dynamic Airport Moving Map.

A single controller can use ARTSYS to marshal multiple airports .

Videos and screenshots
Pilot's view - Final approach
Pilot's view - Takeoff roll
Pilot view - settings/reports
CPDLC - takeoff clearance

Supported commands (partial list)

Operational Benefits and Features

  • • Configurable as a controller tool, semi-automated or fully automated
  • • Highly modular based on required functionality, start small, grow as you go
  • • Efficient routing and route timing for lower fuel burn in junctions, using future traffic data
  • • Lower junction and taxi delays by efficient routing engine
  • • Scheduling from ACDM, lowering fuel consumption,
  • • Built-in Wake vortex precision timer, allowing tailored settings based on ICAO / FAA / NATS separations with additional safety buffers, or as precision calculations based on IATAS wake vortex model.
  • • Use your historical traffic or input from ACES all your preferences, without entering data.
  • • Synchronises with ACDM systems, SMIX, SMGCS, AMAN, DMAN, XMAN
  • • Marshal external systems for air field lighting, stop bars, etc.
  • • Apply rules and regulations to see how it affects overall capacity and bottlenecks
  • • Manage rules for all airside asset, including schedules, date, time, or day of the week and time of day
  • • Create scenario templates with the ability to annotate plans with multiple permutations
  • • Test & Validate new airport assets including taxiways in preplanning, planning, dry run, wet-run phases
  • • Test & Validate new taxiways, complete routes to increase capacity, safety and performance
  • • Built to work with upcoming EC's CS1 FAS infrastructure.
  • • Dispatches and coordinates emergency personnel to final resting place of flight on runway, with full
  • • Dispatches and coordinates maintenance windows with personnel for FOD, rubber removal, lights check (see AVCOMS and AAECS)
  • • Controller Intuitive hand gestures or touch-based operations, including:
    •     - control of status and flow conditions for runways, junctions, taxiways and gates
    •     - control stop bar statuses and flow
    •     - sequencing aircrafts to junctions and runways
    •     - full and progressive taxi routes assignments, follow conditions, rerouting
    •     - crossing, takeoff and landing clearances
    •     - pilot messages and responses
    •     - handoff coordination (see HADOC)
    •     - window-based maintenance slots
    •     - select any aircraft for manual handling over voice communication, the system adjusts surrounding traffic based on selection and operation
  • • Provides pilots with the required operational and situational information, that take valuable controller resources, including:
    •     - Winds, runway conditions (breaking action from other pilots)
    •     - Initial climb data
    •     - Handoff frequencies
    •     - Taxi instructions
    •     - Taxi instructions, distances and junction turns
    •     - hold short, crossings, stop bars
    •     - Wake turbulence warnings from other operations
    •     - available routes (selectable by controllers)
  • • Maximised pilot situational awareness from gate to climb, and from final approach to gate
  • • Lower runway incursions and excursions
  • • Lower Controller communication mistakes
  • • Lower pilot response times for takeoff roll and line-up.
  • • Highest safety in case of aborted takeoff roll
  • • Automatic updates between pilots for breaking action (Controller is hands-off)
  • • Provides controllers with pilot reports for birds, FOD, etc.
  • • Less pilot questions about other traffic
  • • Aircrafts stop at all required bars
  • • Restricted areas will not be penetrated by mistake
  • • No need for controller communicate “hold short” directives, system automatically gives pilot directives based on stop bar status
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Reports (partial list):

  • • Slot allocation, availability and conflicts (supports FAS messaging, synchronisation and alerts)
  • • Capacity impact based on breaking action, gusts, crosswinds, maintenance windows, emergency incident
  • • Runway safety report, possible issues and conflicts
  • • Junctions overload, HOTSPOTS, alternate routing per flight (pre-planning)
  • • Partial runway and full runway maintenance windows
  • • And more..

Parameter Control (partial list):

  • • Hotspots
  • • Wake vortex separation
  • • Preferred taxi routes for departures and arrivals
  • • Build special scenarios for rush hours, area closures, military exercise and ground-halt.
  • • Weather patterns
  • • Gusts and crosswinds
  • • Runway conditions, breaking action, FOD, bird reports
  • • Taxiway and junction congestions
  • • Arrivals and gate delays
  • • Safety parameters
  • • Gate turnaround, taxing times
  • • Environmental conditions and situations
  • • Incorporate emergency scenarios
  • • Incorporate maintenance windows in-between operations for FOD, rubber removal, snowplowing.
  • • Emergency response times (ensure you are within regulation response)
  • • And more..

Optional Add-ons

  • • Real-time aircraft and vehicle surveillance
  • • Bidirectional synchronization with A-CDM
  • • Bidirectional synchronization with SMIX, SMGCS, DMAN
  • • Importable Stream from AMAN
  • • Exportable control signals to airfield lighting systems
  • • Self-learning prescribed and preferred ATC routes from real-time feeds


  • • SWIM Compliant using AIXM for interoperability and adherence to AIRM. Registered within SESAR SWIM registry.
  • • Supports differences between regulators (ICAO / EC/ FAA / NATS)
  • • Wake vortex separation minimas (ICAO, NATS, FAA)



  • • Realtime support through IATAS Int'l Operations Center (IOC)
  • • Phone, video conferencing and remote desktop support Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00 UTC

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