AVCOMS Airside Vehicle Coordinator and Maintenance Slotting

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About the product:

AVCOMS keeps your airport runways operational and at capacity, while automatically coordinating maintenance work and assets.
Schedule full and partial runway FOD scan, Snowplowing, rubber removal, lights intensity checks and the like.

By using the unique junction-to-junction slots, runways are kept hot, with little or no loss of capacity.

Maintenance personnel have full situational awareness over a visual display (similar to Dynamic Airport Moving Map), showing all other relevant traffic, entry and exit times and locations, area of maintenance, countdown timers for time till slot start. And time till slot closed.

The solution is fully integrated with AAATCS or ARTSYS for hands-free scheduling.

Operational Benefits and Features (partial list)

  • • Runways can remain fully operational and near-capacity
  • • Intuitive interface for AOC and ANSP's
  • • Maintenance personnel visual airport map allows full situational awareness and interaction over a PDA
  • • Set-and-forget, preschedule repetitive tasks.
  • • integrates with most systems (ACDM, SMIX, SMGCS) or as part of AAATCS or ARTSYS solution


  • • SWIM Compliant using AIXM for interoperability and adherence to AIRM. Registered within SESAR SWIM registry.
  • • Supports differences between regulators (ICAO / EC/ FAA / NATS)
  • • Wake vortex separation minimas (ICAO, NATS, FAA)



  • • Realtime support through IATAS Int'l Operations Center (IOC) 24x7
  • • Phone, video conferencing and remote desktop support Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00 UTC

Ordering and Supply

  • • Turn-key, preconfigured for your airport and ready for dry runs out-of-the-box
  • • Airport vehicles simple install on tablets
  • • Supply of base system within 8 weeks from receiving all required airport data and information (depending on airport size and configurations).
  • • Delivery of optional add-ons related to integration with external systems depends on availability of your technical staff for integration after initial delivery phase.

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