ASUSS Aircraft Surface Safety System

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About the product:

Airport incidents are a result of wrong turns, not stopping at designated stop bars or entering restricted areas, not clearing the runway or junction, and alike. Most created by miscommunication, language barriers, or simple human mistakes.

IATAS has developed a unique system to seamlessly eliminate ATC/pilot induced airport safety issues.

Based on airport rules and procedures, ASUSS or the ATC marshal aircraft breaks in cases such as triggered stop bars and wrong taxiways or junction turns.

A Pilot's view of the airport moving map provides aircrews a visual depiction of the route, associated turns and their distances from current position.

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Configurable Marshalling rules per asset

Operational Benefits and Features (partial list)

  • • Aircrafts remain within their taxi routes
  • • Aircrafts stop at all required bars
  • • Restricted areas will not be penetrated by mistake
  • • No need for controller communicate "hold short" directives, system automatically gives pilot directives based on stop bar status
  • • Set and forget - integrates with most systems (SMIX/SMGCS) or as part of AAATCS or ARTSYS solution
  • • Support for restricted areas (per airline, aircraft type, weight class, tail number)
  • • ATC can override/reassign any aircraft's route/ permitted areas
  • • Seamless integration with other systems
  • • Pilot view in Dynamic Airport Moving Map, including complete and progressive taxi route, distances until turn, stop bars status and restricted areas
  • • Pilots can request alternate route through Dynamic Airport Moving Map (requires AAATCS or ARTSYS)


  • • SWIM Compliant using AIXM for interoperability and adherence to AIRM. Registered within SESAR SWIM registry.
  • • Supports differences between regulators (ICAO / EC/ FAA / NATS)



  • • Realtime support through IATAS Int'l Operations Center (IOC)
  • • Phone, video conferencing and remote desktop support Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00 UTC

Ordering and Supply

  • • Turn-key, preconfigured for your airport and ready for dry runs out-of-the-box
  • • Supply of base system within 8 weeks from receiving all required airport data and information (depending on airport size and configurations).
  • • Delivery of optional add-ons related to integration with external systems depends on availability of your technical staff for integration after initial delivery phase.