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    We aim to achieve superior technological performance, industry-leading customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

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    IATAS systems can be integrated based on your requirements from tools, through semi-automated, to fully automated solutions.


International Air Traffic Automation Systems (IATAS) is a privately owned Organisation, offering all ATM stakeholders the needed platforms, solutions, tools and professional services for tomorrow's ATM challenges. The concept design and architecture for an automated Airport ATC system began in 1995 and lasted over 3 years. The initial design and POC covered all ATC operations within DEP/APP/TWR/GND scopes, after the design it was decided to exclude DEP/APP and focus only on operations Terminal/Airport areas. Since 1997, we have been building the Platform, applications and related tools for a cohesive 360-infrastructure, while updating for technological innovations and regulations adherence to satisfy initiatives taken by ICAO, EUROCONTROL, FAA and other ATM related bodies. As of 2013, The Platform and tools are being internally tested prior to preliminary Airport tests. Beta partnerships are being created throughout 2013 for all stakeholders, including airports, airlines and aviation authorities and will begin in 2014. IATAS is also an active Partner within EUROCONTROL's SESAR SWIM Master Class. IATAS ATC Platform and solutions are based on cutting-edge patented technologies to deliver highly-efficient ATC operations for airline operators and airports. All solutions can be integrated as tools, semi-automated, or, fully automated solutions. A gradual validation and implementation approach can be taken based on your requirements, where within the initial phase the system acts as a supporting tool, then semi-automated, until it is fully automated once all validations have been completed. We encourage airports, airlines and aviation authorities to take advantage of the available Beta Program Partnerships and effectively remediate today's and future issues through our systems, solutions and services.

The IATAS Vision

International Air Traffic Automation Systems (IATAS) vision is to become a key performance leader in the unfolding new era of Air Traffic management for World Airports, Airlines, Air Navigation Service Providers, and General Aviation Authorities.
Proof of adherence to the vision can be seen within our market visibility, where the company has managed to keep itself invisible and large amounts of resources have been invested since the initial concept in 1996. Visibility to the ATM community has only begun in late 2012 and is already actively involved in the next-generation ATM undertakings on a global-scale since 2013.

IATAS vision is founded on three core principles:

• Plug-and-play solution for all community stakeholders for immediate ROI and high-availability
• Sustainable and maximised safety, capacity, interoperability, collaboration and
• Drastically lower environmental impact, human workload and direct ATM operating costs

Mission Statement

International Air Traffic Automation Systems (IATAS) mission is to provide fully-automated Air Traffic Control and Management solutions for the World's air-traffic community. We will achieve superior technological performance, industry-leading customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

The need for full Airport automation, the rules have changed

IATAS has effective systems and solutions for airport ATM/ATS operations. By using advanced patented technologies, we offer ATM/ATS solutions for airports to:

- Significantly increase overall airport safety
- Eliminate controller-induced Runway incursions and excursions
- Substantially lower taxiway congestions and maximize taxiway routing management
- Time all Runway operations with accuracy
- Eliminate controller-Pilot misunderstanding, language barriers, and call-sign confusion
- Eliminate ATC frequency congestion, and possibly the need for voice ATC infrastructure altogether
- Effectively reduce pre-takeoff lineups
- Efficient use of all taxiways and taxiway/Runway crossings
- Provide effective and efficient gate-to-runway and runway-to-gate taxiway routing
- Provide user based taxiway routing preference for pilots to save fuel and taxiing time
- Reduced Controller workforce in Towers, associates systems and support infrastructures
- Common Controller workload for runway and taxiway management is drastically reduced
- Eliminate the need for coordinating response units to any runway-related emergency
- Drastically reduce ATC equipment, related operating and maintenance expenses
- Automatically Provide real-time operational data for all stakeholders including Pilots, Airport operations Center
- Greatly reduce overall overhead and operating costs
- Effectively manage airport operations in all weather conditions and in zero-visibility.

For any airport, IATAS systems can be integrated as tools, semi-automated solution, or, fully automated solutions. A gradual process can be taken based on your requirements from tool, through semi-automated to fully automated.

Areas of Focus

Internal Focus Areas:

Since IATAS has enabled the Shadow-Mode Beta Program in June/2013 for Airports, ANSP's, CAA's and Airlines, our focus is on completion of implementing the tools and solutions for the ATM community, all based on our unique technologies. Some of our key projects include:

• Final internal testing and certification in real Airport conditions prior to operational certification.
• Runway management
• Tower operations
• Pilot situational awareness
• Airport efficiency solutions for Airlines and Pilots
• Stakeholder interoperability infrastructure

Global-Scale Focus Areas:

Since our mission and vision are based on the future of ATM, IATAS is involved in global-scale modernization undertakings. Since our technologies are unique in a competitive and small industry, timing market visibility is crucial to our success. We closely work with our Industry partners on cutting-edge solutions, mostly under NDA conditions.


   SESAR JU undertaking - SWIM Master Class Participant (Visible to SWIM participants)
    Our focus area is to demonstrate how a section within our Airport solution works


   Tower- Closure solutions
    Enabling the Beta programme for Airports impacted by FAA's Closed-Tower mandate.
    Enable all non-tower Airports to participate in the No-Tower Beta Programme

   We have only been invisible within the FAA domain since Q2/2013 as we near our readiness.
   Our aim is to enable the immediately Beta testing a section of our Airport solutions.

• Research Partners

   Our commitment to technological and service excellence demand ongoing research with the right partners.    Currently, IATAS is involved in numerous research and development partnerships to ensure our Organisation's goals, mission and vision.

Technologies and Patents

IATAS has several unique technologies used within our suite of solutions.
Some of these technologies are protected by International patents.

Collaborations: Industry and Strategic Partnerships

Our commitment to technological and service excellence demand ongoing research with the right partners. We are always striving to form strategic Partnerships with Organisations and individuals.

Aside from our current projects IATAS is involved with numerous ongoing research and development partnerships to ensure our Organisation's goals, mission and vision.

Interested in partnership with us? Contact us through partners@iatas.org

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Beta Partnership Program

For a very limited time, and without any long-term commitments, you can reap the long-term program benefits while experiencing our current and upcoming cutting-edge solutions.

Why Register?

Some of the benefits your organization will receive include: Direct hands-on access to our existing and upcoming products and services Substantial discount guarantee Participation in closed meetings, demonstrations and events Direct access to our technical team for your special requirements and implementation needs And much more..

Once registered, a full package pertaining to your type of operation will be sent to you. The package includes a full list of the benefits as our Beta partner, as well as in-depth look at the solutions applicable to your organization.

Who Can Register

Airports ATS - Air Traffic Services providing airport tower services ANSP – Air Navigation Service Providers Airlines NTSB’s homeland security Aircraft manufacturers

Registration Process

1. Download fill and email the registration to beta@iatas.org or fax to +972-77-440-8046
2. Once your registration is processed, the complete partnership package will be emailed to
3. From this point, you can use the partnership program as best suited for your organization
4. You will receive periodical updates and announcements of upcoming products and events

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