ADAMS Aircrew Dynamic Airport Moving Map System
An airport moving map with full information related to aircraft operation within the airport (no ATC functionality).
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ACES Airport Capacity Enhancement Simulator
Intuitive simulator for maximising runway and airport capacity, by using real schedules, WX and ATC constraints.
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AFDT Airborne Flight Data Transmitter
Sends flight data, cockpit audio and pilot voice to ground-based retention service via A/G communication
(built on the ADR -aviation data recorder service).
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ASAM Aircraft ATC Module
Cockpit provisioning of Tower/Ground ATC service in pilot's language, drastically lowering ATC workload and the need for Controller/pilot voice communication as the primary method.
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GAWM Global Airborne Weather Maps
Provides pilots with updated weather maps during flight for almost anywhere in the world as they are updated.
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AWIS Aerodrome Weather Sharing
displays a map with winds and gusts on final approach, holding stack or initial climb that was collected by previous flight(s).
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ARP Aviation Replay Platform
Visualisation of previously recorded data from multiple systems, CWP, radars, aircrafts, sensors and the like.
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CATS Contingency Aircraft Takeover System
Synchronise between stakeholders and marshals an airborne aircraft that has either been hijacked or is deviating from its flight path, by locking/unlocking of the autopilot and providing a flight plan.
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ADR Aviation Data Recorder
Records all IP based information from multiple sources for replay in case of incident.
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AGG ACDM Global Gateway
Publishes and synchronises ACDM related data between multiple ACDMs as well as SWIM enabled solutions.
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SDB Shared Database
Provides a sharable SQL-Like database functionality available to all SWIM solutions via HTTP for sharing data.
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ALASAS Airport Layout and Status Advisory
Enables the querying of all ATC-related objects within an airport such as status of runways, taxiways, junctions.
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ARAS Airside Routing Advisory
Live data on current hotspots, gate-to-runway routes used and route time. Pilots can access routing.
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